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“The greater danger for most of us lies NOT in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”


Find Evidence


When looking for evidence, it is first important to acknowledge our strengths. So many time we point out the negatives about ourselves, but it is crucial we start looking at our strengths and finding ways to develop on them. Look towards your passions, your strengths can often be found here. Devote yourself to your passions, and share them with others, to help them grow.  


Now you might have doubts about your strengths or your abilities, and that is okay. Address those self-doubt fears. Don’t push them down, acknowledge they are there and then look to these potential problems for the solutions to increase our belief. Find ways to grow and overcome your fears, instead of suppressing them.


Change your perspective from one of hard to one of playfulness. Let your inner child come out. Have trust in yourself and others, and don’t be afraid to play every now and again. Too many times, we are being held down with the weight of our jobs and our struggles, but if we look at them from a perspective of playfulness and job, our whole deminer changes and the stress melts away.


Accept compliments, success, gifts, etc. graciously with positive self-talk. Too many time we brush off compliments or talk about ourselves after receiving one, which only brings our mindset down. We need to accept those compliments graciously and think to ourselves, “How can I help myself see that compliment as truth?” Not only will this help increase your state of mind, but it will help increase your belief.


Choose the belief you want, then collect evidence daily to support it. As sure as the day follows the night, are paradigm will shift to support this belief. If you want to believe you are smart, look around you. People might have been telling you how smart you are all along, but you have chosen to ignore the compliments.


Words of Affirmations & Self Talk


One way to help increase our beliefs is to use words of affirmations and self-talk. If we can’t win the head game, we are dead on arrival. What we tell ourselves every day, becomes our reality. It becomes what we dwell on, it becomes our actions, and it even becomes our habits. If you want to change something, the first step is to believe, truly believe, you can change it.


This is not an easy task. Positive self-talk requires discipline. Especially if it is a subject you have been speaking negatively about for most of your life. Just because it is not easy, does not mean it is not worth it. If you have had a belief about being overweight your whole life, it will take some time to retrain your thoughts to be more positive about your weight. The next time you find yourself trying on a new outfit, think about how beautiful you look in that outfit. Don’t let yourself go straight to the things you don’t like about yourself. Allow yourself to believe you are beautiful. Don’t fight it.


Words of affirmations and positive self-talk take time and practice. If you are struggling with allowing yourself to believe in your beliefs, let us help you.


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