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Our Services

Whatever your business need, we have you covered. Greater results, better business communication skills, and so much more.

Business Strategy Coaching

With proven programs that are fully individualized, like the Roadmap to Success, Diversified Network Plan of Actions, Vision Compass, and over 20 years of coaching training and mentoring, STRiVE coaching is the best fit for your personalized needs.

Personnel Development Mentoring

The best part is you already have the necessary tools needed inside of you to make your goal reality. Through the coaching process, you’ll learn how to develop and tap into them whenever you need to.

Business Start-up Coaching

Working with a coach can help you rise above the daily noise to focus priorities and find time for the strategic planning needed to ensure that your company continues to thrive.

Specialized Training

Training is not our focus. Behavior change is. We have a complete learning system focused on real behavior change with coaching as a core component of training reinforcement.

Sales Coaching and Training

Passionate accountability and strategic processes are put in place for short term and long term goals to drive your most important human capital assets toward developing the daily skills that result in Emotional and Financial growth.

Roadmap to Success and Strategic Lead Generation

A unique combination of the top six crucial platforms. These platforms include Your Daily Strategic Lead Generation, Building Your Brand, Increasing Your Referral Networks, Internal Intention Capital, and Intellectual Capital mechanisms.

5 Steps 2 a New Day

This patented system created by Robert Hopkins inspires and leads individuals on a daily path to focus their top eight intentions with strategies to recognize and clear the roadblocks within the subconscious to create unique daily actions toward understanding and propelling intention success.

Strategic Partner Network Plan of Action Program

This unique system teaches a 90-day program on how to create the plan to build your referral network through multiple channels and processes.

Life Quality Score(LQS) program for Teams / Couples

Enhance the quality of life for your teams and couples with our Life Quality Score (LQS) program. This innovative program assesses key areas of well-being, communication, and collaboration, providing actionable insights and personalized strategies to improve overall satisfaction and productivity.

Employee Development program(EDP)

Empower your workforce with our comprehensive Employee Development Program (EDP). Designed to unlock potential and enhance skills, EDP offers tailored training modules, mentorship, and performance assessments.


Build a brand that highlights your value propositions and outshines your competition. Stand out from the crows on all digital platforms and grow your following through effective brand strategy.

Digital Marketing

Go where the people are, let's build out your digital marketing strategy and begin growing your brand and business like never before through effective social media, SEO, email, and content marketing.

B.O.S.S Program

Developing an operations system for a company involves designing and implementing a comprehensive framework that ensures efficient and effective execution of business processes. This process begins with defining the organization’s strategic objectives and conducting a thorough needs assessment to identify current operational gaps and requirements. Key steps include mapping out standardized workflows, selecting appropriate technology solutions, and establishing clear roles and responsibilities within the organizational structure. By integrating best practices such as lean methodologies and automation tools, companies can enhance productivity, reduce costs, and maintain high-quality standards.

Structuring the organization to support the operations system is equally important, as it facilitates seamless communication and coordination across various functions. Companies can adopt different organizational structures, such as functional, divisional, or matrix, based on their specific needs and goals. Ensuring stakeholder engagement and fostering a culture of continuous improvement are critical for the system’s success. Regular monitoring and refining of processes, driven by performance metrics and data analytics, enable the operations system to adapt to changing business environments, ensuring long-term sustainability and competitiveness.

B.O.S.S. Program