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Strive Coaching offers a variety of coaching, training, and development opportunities that are designed to help you achieve maximum success in your business. Everything from business strategy to sales coaching and everything in between, Strive can you help you reach your business goals.

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Whether it was developing a concept or holding me accountable to the numbers Hop was dynamic.

Andrew Kent

Strive Coaching has helped me time and time again with my business. I am very impressed with the turn around my company has received. Thank you!

Amanda Simmons

I don’t really feel that there is anything Hop could do to improve. On top of being a great coach, he is also a great friend to me. Accountability is his strength, Hop is always on top of what I’m doing and grilling me if I’m not holding up to my end.

Dirk Pugh

No matter the issue, Hop has a solution; he is encouraging and positive.

Kathleen White

We brainstormed a lot and created strategic methods that meaningfully spoke to my target audience and me personally, I wish I could share more of my latest business success! Bottom line, I am so glad I reached out to Robert Hopkins from Strive!


Hop's positive attitude is contagious and a pleasure to be around, his experience in business had been very helpful in making strategic moves within my business and his coaching on my sales team has paid off in so many ways for me. I highly recommend Robert Hopkins and his business Strive!

Josh Seow

Hop is amazing! He is ethical, honest, insightful and uses the right tools for helping you build your business based on your unique strengths. Very highly recommend!

Jacob Wooten

I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from Robert over the last couple of years. Robert is an amazing guy who truly cares about his clients/friends and I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to advance their personal potential. This guy is the REAL DEAL!

Amy Myers

Rob (Hop) is a great coach, he has the compassion and training to get you to go past your excuses to the wonderful truth of what lies within, he makes you want to be accountable! Loved the time I spent with him!

Nancy Blum

Hop is truly an amazing business coach. He turned my business completely around, he’s great at holding accountability and giving you amazing ideas to not only get clients but to also keep them. For Hop it’s not just a business relationship, he truly cares about your well being and seeing you succeed not only in business but in life outside of work. I would 1000% recommend Hop to anyone looking for a business coach or looking to grow their business.

Alex Dierks

I have worked with Robert “Hop” for over 2 years. The diversity and breadth of experience and systems allow me to work with Strive for everything ranging from accountability to business strategy. Above all else, Hop cares about my success. I can’t say enough!

Andrew Kent
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