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“No longer conscious of my movement, I discovered a new unity with nature. I had found a new source of power and beauty, a source I never dreamt existed.”

– Roger Bannister

In today’s article, I wanted to talk about Dr. Schaffer’s 7 Conditions to Generate Flow. These 7 conditions are:

  1. Knowing what to do
  2. Knowing how to do it
  3. Knowing how well you are doing
  4. Knowing where to go
  5. High perceived challenges
  6. High perceived skills
  7. Freedom from distraction

Now let’s dig deeper into these 7 conditions.

Knowing what to do

Knowing what to do starts with knowing your skillset and your limitation. If you are new to something, start small and work your way up. If you are experienced in something, try to challenge yourself but in a productive way.

Knowing how to do it

This might seem like a no brainer, but knowing how to do something is a big part of the process. You need to know how to do something before you can get into the flow state of mind and do it. Don’t be afraid to do your own research and ask questions.

Knowing how well you are doing

Knowing how you are doing can help motivate you and increase higher vibration in your life. Ask a friend, colleague, or loved one to give you honest feedback. You want to hear from someone you can trust, not someone who will just tell you what you want to hear.

Knowing where to go

In order to know how to make goals, you need to know where you are going. Have the end in mind, and always be doing something that helps you get there.

High perceived challenges

Challenge yourself. Always be pushing yourself to do better and to be better. Empower yourself to do more and achieve more.

High perceived skills

Perceive the skills you want to learn. We have all think we want to accomplish in our lives and the skills we need to do it. Take baby steps. Learning a new skill can be challenging. Take baby steps so you don’t get burned out or frustrated. Remember, frustration is a barrier to the flow state.

Freedom from distractions

Earlier in the article, we mentioned Neuroticism, which is being destroyed with too many things at once. This is a good way to get you OUT of the flow state, which is NOT what we want. Free your mind from distractions. Take time to be in the present and enjoy where you are at now. Take a deep breath. Take in your surroundings. Clear your mind.

Next week we will be talking about how to achieve flow and happiness in your work. Want help getting into the flow state? Contact STRIVE and let us help you.


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